This is a growing collection of links to podcasts, websites, Twitter users and YouTube channels I follow pretty regularly. I'm posting them here as my way of supporting them, and a resource for my readers. I'll try to post a brief commentary of my own, just to explain what I like about them and why I'd like to share their content. Check them out and consider following them yourself. If you have another reviewer or movie aficionado you think belongs on this list, just let me know!

Horror Movie Podcast

For detailed, in-depth analysis and review of all things horror, check out the Horror Movie Podcast (@HorrorMovieCast on Twitter). Three guys - Jay of the Dead, Dr. Schock (@dvdinfatuation, and Wolfman Josh (@IcarusArts) - who love movies, know horror, and dig deep, serving up facts and insight you'll struggle to find elsewhere. Highly recommended!

Smarmy Jerkface

I don't know exactly where to start with this guy, but you should start by checking out his Watercooler Films channel on YouTube. Hilarious and engaging, he lampoons movie after movie with brief, well-made videos you can't get enough of. He goes by @SmarmyJerkface on Twitter. He also hosts a podcast, because apparently he's Superman - you can find that at