How I Use Ads:

Just a quick disclaimer, as I believe in honesty and transparency.

I hate visiting most websites on the Internet. Pop-up ads for products or subscriptions, auto-play videos, "proceed to site" delays; it's aggravating and distracting and usually manages to make me lose interest in whatever it was I'd clicked on in the first place.

I'm not going to do that here. If you want to subscribe to my newsletter, you'll figure it out. Same goes for my social networking profiles. If you want to support the site, check out one the few tastefully placed ads in the sidebar on any article. Or, if there's an affiliate link to buy something on Amazon (and IF it's something you really want to buy), - click it, buy it, and I get a tiny percentage. Any proceeds (trust me, they really are tiny) help keep this site online (hosting & domain fees, etc.).

If you don't want to see the few ads or affiliate links I do put up, install an ad blocker and this site will never even bother to notice. I don't mind, I get it, and I hope you enjoy the site just the same.

Because if I never get a dime from the ads, I'll pay out of my pocket. I'm not following the crowd on this, and I'm not going to make this site unusable and ugly. This is a hobby, something I do for fun - not a business venture.

I hope this is a fair and open way of doing things, and I appreciate your interest and time. Blessed be and enjoy the site!

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