A Hobby

I've started this site as a way to catalog my thoughts and impressions of the movies I love. I'm not a professional critic and I don't pretend to have above-average insight or skill; I simply enjoy discussing films. Some (but not all) of the movies I write about are somewhat below-the-radar, maybe because of their age or their lower production qualities or because they're targeted to a relatively small audience. Sometimes I'm attracted to the determination and passion it takes to create something; sometimes it's the focus on a particular genre or niche that makes a movie more interesting to me.

I call these posts "reviews," although I'm not quite sure that's the correct word. They're closer to critiques: observations on the ideas, themes, style and presentation using film as a medium for storytelling and audiovisual art. That said, I don't believe my writing is aimed at an "art" or "film theory" crowd; I try to find a balance somewhere in the middle, where I am most comfortable. I enjoy a fun movie as much as the next guy, so my critiques are written from my point of view - appreciating the splatter of fake blood as much as the commentary on the fragile nature of man.

I'll include a plot summary (from IMDB) in my posts; I won't spoil the movie without warning. I'll propose a "star" rating based on my own appreciation of the film, but remember all reviews & critiques & ratings are subjective, you might feel differently; use these as a guide, not gospel.

Feel free to leave comments, shoot me an email or a tweet or whatever. If you like a review, share it with your friends. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!